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The Sensible Way to Own a
Vacation Home in the Park City Area

Co-ownership is not a new concept. In fact, the model was pioneered at the Deer Valley Club in 1992. Today, co-ownership is an accepted and important part of the resort property industry, accounting for more than $450 million in sales in 2022. With property prices along the Wasatch Back having reached unprecedented levels that are unobtainable for most, the cost commensurate with usage rationale makes more sense than ever. Unlike timeshare, each Ameyalli owner receives a recorded deed and title insurance at closing.

The fully furnished, accessorized and decorated residences will feature natural organic, harmonious design. Offered on a shared ownership basis, each spacious home will be 2,740 square feet with four bedrooms, four baths, and rooftop observation deck.

On-site management of the property and services makes owning a vacation property effortless. It allows you to show up and you have fun right away, so you can focus on what matters most during your leisure time.

Rather than being limited to a specific time slot, Ameyalli owners may enjoy their residence six to 12 weeks per year. Additionally, they can invite guests or offer their weeks for rentals, which are professionally managed by Ameyalli staff. Owners can also trade vacation times among other owners to accommodate multi-week visits or use numerous residences at the same time to accommodate larger groups. And they will have exclusive exchange privileges with other luxury resorts around the world through the Third Home membership.

A vacation home for limitless life and endless possibilities comes at an incomparable price point in one of the most expensive resort areas in the country. Park City real estate is no longer out of reach.

Home exchange is becoming increasingly popular among second homeowners. Whether you normally rent your residence, or use it for personal use, Thirdhome is a terrific way to enhance your travel and lifestyle by leveraging your investment.

Today, with over 15,000 properties in 100 countries, Thirdhome has become a trusted way for owners around the globe to leverage time in their second home to travel the world without the expense of renting.

In exchange for offering time in your second home, you receive travel credits that will allow you to stay rent-free in other members’ homes. With thousands of properties in numerous locations, you will never have to visit the same place twice.

With only an exchange fee to pay, you’ll be saving a fortune. Our members can save anything from 90% to 95% when compared to standard rental rates.