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About the Team

Focus on Vision and Community

Our development team focuses on innovative experience, powerful community relationships, and visionary foresight. We are committed to creating innovative real-estate projects that transform the wellness industry.
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Charles V. Heath

Managing Partner
Ameyalli Resort

Charles “Chuck” Heath is the former CEO and founder of Horizon Design. Chuck co-founded Horizon in 1984. Horizon designs, builds, and manages commercial, retail, residential, industrial real estate, and indoor water resorts. Under Chuck’s leadership, the Company has successfully developed property valued at more than $500 million. As CEO of Horizon, Chuck was responsible for the Corporate leadership, funding, financing, and the entitlement process for all Horizon Projects.

Chuck is a past National Council on Seniors Housing (NCOSH) member. He was the former chairman and served on the Board of Trustees of the NCOSH Finance Committee, an affiliate of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB.) He has served on the Tax Credit Advisory Committee for the Wisconsin Housing; Economic Development Authority (WHEDA).He has presented to the Multi-Housing World Conference, the NAHB, the American Association of Home and Services for the Aging (AAHSA,) and the World Waterpark Association.

Chuck graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1983 with an MS in Real Estate Appraisal and Investment Analysis. Chuck’s most recent involvement has been with the Kings Crown Development at the base of Park City Mountain, a $75 million mixed-use ski-in ski-out development.

Poonacha MachAiah

Chief Executive Officer
Chopra Foundation

Poonacha Machaiah is a global leader among a new breed of social entrepreneurs, having chosen to apply his corporate expertise from 30 years as a business executive in multiple Fortune 100 companies and entrepreneurial initiatives to addressing societal and wellbeing challenges. Poonacha is the CEO of The Chopra Foundation, co-founder of Seva.Love the metaverse platform for wellbeing, and co-founder of ChopraX, a venture studio backing transformative entrepreneurs who are reimagining the future of health and wellbeing. Poonacha continues to expand the frontiers of wellbeing alongside world-renowned mind-body medicine pioneer and New York Times best-selling author Deepak Chopra, MD.

As a serial entrepreneur he has launched initiatives such as the Warrior Monk™️ brand targeted at creating a positive societal shift through the compassionate transformation of humankind. Wellbeing Tech, an innovative startup studio that focuses on developing technology solutions to democratize access to health and wellness. Co-founded CIRCA, a leading anxiety management platform along with Srini Pillay, MD — Harvard-Trained psychiatrist and brain researcher.

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Bob Shemwell

FAIA, LEED AP, Architectural Design

Principal and leading practitioner of sustainable design, Bob Shemwell is inspired by problem-seeking, problem-solving, and innovation that span scales and geographic boundaries—from a house in Mexico City to an 85-square-kilometer urban design project in China. He examines the complexity of circumstances and relates them to their broader context, drawing from a diverse knowledge base that includes philosophy, history, economics, and architecture. For him, it is equally critical to learn from classical thinkers like Demosthenes or Heraclitus to understand the way the world works, how people interact, and how these elements come together to create the human condition.

Bob believes the key to success is to “fail well, learn quickly” and attributes many of Overland’s achievements to this idea. Fostering a creative culture where “failure” is accepted and embraced creates the opportunity for people to experiment and innovate within a protected environment—to push the envelope, challenge themselves, and try new things.

In his spare time, Bob is always on the search for the latest cutting-edge technology to better communicate his ideas and streamline the creative process.

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Justin Nahama, Esq.

Director of Global Impact
Chopra Foundation

Justin is a passionate and highly accomplished leader, business strategist and attorney committed to creating impact for all. Justin specializes in supporting companies focused on optimizing human performance, wellness, and mental health. After serving as a US Marine, Justin practiced law for 15 years to support the impact of wellbeing pioneers like Deepak Chopra, the founding team of CrossFit, Inc., and The Honor Foundation, the largest transition program in the world for Navy SEALs and Special Operations personnel. Justin is now focused on advising the premier wellbeing thought leaders in various industries. He currently serves as the Director of Global Impact to Deepak Chopra’s Foundation, a General Partner at a venture capital firm investing in military technology startups, and a partner at world’s largest virtual law firm.